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Eastern Collective develops unique products that are suited for your everyday life and anywhere that journey may take you. As a brand we are always looking forward to continue the pursuit to evolve the ordinary into something unexpected through experimenting with alternative designs and applications. All of our products combine style and functionality to match the versatile lifestyles of each one of you.

Burlington, VT

Global HQ

Eastern Collective is based out of Burlington Vermont off the beat path of most tech brands. Close enough to the major cities yet even closer to the Green Mountains, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Matt Benedetto

Founder and CEO

Matt Benedetto is the fearless leader behind Eastern Collective from designing the next collection to paying the bills. After years of experience designing clothing he began to translate those skills to tech accessories.

Original Innovations

Patent Pending

Don’t be fooled by the brand imitators! Eastern Collective is the innovator of designer fabric cables for almost three years and we work to protect our designs with current patents pending.

Apple MFI Certfied

All iOS and Apple Devices

All of Eastern Collective’s Apple based products are Made for iPhone (MFI) Certified and Approved for all iOS version and Devices. We take pride in offering only certified products for all of your Apple products.